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Our Services

At Hendon Way Motors, we offer competitive pricing and value deals backed by our extensive industry experience spanning over 70 years. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service that is unmatched in the industry, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience only at HWM.

Finance Packages

HWM offers competitive rates on finance packages with major finance houses involving lease purchase deals and high residuals on all the vehicles in stock, subject to status. 

Mechanical breakdown insurance

HWM offer comprehensive insurance plans of up to 24 months with our mechanical breakdown insurance plan via Cornhill Insurance, giving unlimited claims up to the price of the vehicle and for an unlimited mileage.

freight forwarding

HWM are able to offer competitive rates on freight forwarding, whether it is by sea or air, for all our customers in the United Kingdom and across the world.


Step into the world of classic car connoisseurship at Hendon Way Motors, the UK’s leading independent retailer. Established in 1952, we are a family-run and family-owned business with a rich legacy spanning decades in the industry. We have a passion for the finest automotive specimens and our expertise lies in working with the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, and more. At HWM, we believe in fulfilling your driving dreams and are here to help make them a reality. Let us take you on a journey of timeless beauty and unparalleled performance.

Consign Your Car

At Hendon Way Motors, we connect you with the ideal clientele, using our Little Black Book of prestigious modern art collectors, as well as harnessing our social media presence and widespread advertising platforms with online and print media such as Octane, Car and Classic, Total 911, and more.



As a trusted liaison and mediator between esteemed finance companies and our valued clients, we at Hendon Way Motors excel in navigating the complex world of classic car finance. Our expertise in negotiating residual values and market insights allows us to secure the best possible terms for our clients. We tap into a diverse network of leading finance houses, tailoring each solution to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each individual client. Whether for business or personal use, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and customized finance solutions that empower our clients to drive their dreams.


In collaboration with NIG Skandia, we have negotiated the most competitive used car warranties. We are now able to offer our clients the highest level of protection, whether it is a 2021 Porsche 911 or a 365 Ferrari Boxer. It is a reflection of the quality of the cars we sell and NIG’s confidence in us that we have developed this scheme and can offer it on all cars we sell.

Global Shipping

While our customer base began in London, we now have an international customer base and often send cars around the world from the US to Japan and the middle east. Owing to our decades of shipping experience and the growing globalisation of markets in sports cars, we have moved swiftly into the market for non-UK supplied cars and left-hand-drive models, supplying these to clients in the UK and abroad.


While we hold an impressive host of vehicles at our showroom, if there is a specific make or model you are looking for please enquire as we can help source cars beyond our current fleet.

We offer competitive finance packages with leading PPC lease purchasing and tailor a specific package to the car and client.

Yes we ship internationally finding the most competitive and efficient supplier to suit the destination.

We can guarantee cars for up to 3 years for parts and labour.

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