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Forget The Reindeer, We Prefer Horsepower

All The Best Presents for the Petrol Heads In Your Life

Text by Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman

1) Paul Howse Art – For the Artsy Petrol Head

We met Paul at the Hampton Court Concours of Elegance earlier this year and were immediately impressed by his portfolio of work. As an ex-McLaren designer, he has an eye for technical beauty and the petrol head credit to match. He recently decided to turn his immense talent towards bespoke watercolours and sketches. He’s available for commissions if you have a beautiful car you’d like immortalized but also has a line of prints, mugs and original works that will fit any budget. I can personally attest to the fact that coffee tastes better out of a Porsche 908 espresso mug.

2) The Mechanists – For Petrol Heads of All Ages

The long-standing Automotive Lifestyle powerhouse that is the Mechanist is a one-stop-shop for all your holiday needs. We’re big fans of their iconic bracelet which are available in a multitude of colours and finishes. Their adjustable nature means they’re great even for young petrol heads.

3) Mariclaro – For the Eco-Conscious Petrol Head

This unique Canadian company creates bags and accessories from repurposed vintage car interiors and aviation materials. Each product is made from upcycled material, meaning there’s no waste in the production process and you’re saving more material from ending up in a landfill! Our personal favourites are the wallets. Each varies in price depending on the classic they came from, but it might be the closest some of us get to having one of these vehicles “in our back pocket.”

4) The Motor Valley From Casa Maria Luigia – For the Sophisticated Petrol Head

From Canossa Events, the amazing people who bring us the Modena Cento Ore, comes a unique marriage of flavour and speed. Limited to 10 couples, this exclusive, one-off tour of “Motor Valley” will take place between 16-19 of March at Maria Luigia, the high-end property conceptualized by the inimitable Massimo Bottura. More information and bookings available here:

5) A Photo Session With One of Our Very Own – For the Collector Petrol Head

You’ll have to forgive the cross-promotion here, but there aren’t many things better than a day out with your car and some professional photos to commemorate the occasion. Not only will having the photos add to the car’s history file, but the print you choose will be with you even if you sell the car further down the line. 

6) Type 7 Volume 2 – For Porsche Petrol Head

From the incomparable team at Type 7 comes the second volume of their incredible book that won’t stay on your coffee table for long. Compiling all the best stories from the previous year, the book combines compelling long-form stories with crisp, artful photography and covers topics from Art and Architecture to the Mavericks of Porsche Restomodding. In what has been a difficult year for small business we encourage you to order through your favourite independent book store!

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