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1991 AutoKraft AC Cobra LHD Lightweight

The British-American AC Cobra (1962-67) is one of the most famous, and fastest, muscle cars of all time. Known for its rivalry with Corvette, the Cobra was a 2-door high-performance sports car that was manufactured by Thames-Ditton based AC Cars, in collaboration with Texan race driver and automotive designer, Carroll Shelby. Shelby wanted to combine American V8 power with ‘superior European handling;’ impressed with the lightweight AC Ace from 1957-59, he negotiated with AC to design and manufacture a road and track performance car.

By early 1962, AC had built the first prototypes, by autumn, 100 cars were dispatched to Shelby American in California for competition. The chassis for the six-cylinder Ace remained essentially the same, forming the basis for the first roadsters which used a 221cid, 260, or 289cid small-block. To rival Ferrari in the GT class, the Daytona Cobra Coupe was created using an AC Cobra chassis and 289cid engine. The 289 was so fast and agile that it dominated racetracks, winning at Monza, Sebring, Nurburgring and Daytona. The Cobra roadsters and coupes won the 1965 FIA Championship and World Manufacturers Championship.

In 1965, a new chassis (Mark III) was designed with a 500hp NASCAR 427cid engine; now a muscle car, it was listed by Guiness World Records as the fastest-accelerating production car in the world, reaching 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds with a 186mph top speed.
After production of the legendary AC Cobra ended in 1967, many MK III replicas began to appear. Although they bore a resemblance to the original, British company Autokraft manufactured genuine AC badged sports cars.

In 1982, Brian Angliss, founder of Autokraft, built an AC 289 continuation car called the Autokraft MK IV, with independent suspension and 4.65L Ford 302cid V8. The roadster had 427 styling and near identical aluminium body to the MK III, however it was refined to include plastic mouldings inside the wheel arches to protect the aluminium, with heat and noise insulation on the front bulkhead. Following licensing from AC Cars, the car was renamed Autokraft AC Cobra MK IV. The AC MK IV Cobra produced 250hp at 4200 rpm, with a top speed of 134mph and 5.2second acceleration rate.

The car was so respectful to the original, that the Hurlock family, owners of AC, sold their rights to the name in 1986. Angliss then sold 53% of his company to Ford, after which the MK IV was sold in their US showrooms. Despite Shelby’s dislike of replicas, he was complimentary about the quality of the AC Autokraft Cobras.
480 Autokraft AC Cobra MK IVs were built until 1996.

The Lightweight version was unveiled at the 1990 Geneva Salon. Weight was decreased from 2620lbs to 2360lbs. Alloy heads, holley four-barrel carburretors, and the absence of catalytic converters increased power to 370hp.
Our rare 1991 Autokraft AC Cobra LHD Lightweight is 1 of 44 original and correct lightweights manufactured at Brooklands, with a 302cid, SVO high-performance engine and 5-speed manual drivetrain. The Ford Diamond White body colour boasts a striking red stripe with complementary cream leather interior, Tonneau cover and all-weather equipment including heater. This model has upgraded brakes and a recent full service. With just one owner from new, it presents a unique opportunity to own an exceptional vehicle.

1 of 44 original and correct lightweights produced
4348km/2701mi original mileage
1 owner
Stage 3, 302 ci, SVO high-performance engine
Holley carbourettors
5-speed manual box
Single roll over hoop
Tonneau cover and all-weather equipment including heater
15″ wheels with Avon CR6 ZZ Tires
Upgraded brakes
Stainless steel exhaust
Fully MOT compliant
Recent full service

Rare opportunity to own a truly exceptional vehicle.




Ford Diamond White