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Surely one of the most beautiful convertibles ever built, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Zagato is the result of a legendary 50-year partnership between the sporting English manufacturer and Italian design powerhouse. Despite the acclaim surrounding each and every one, there had only been four Aston Martin’s that bore Zagato Coachwork by the time the Vanquish Zagato was released in 2016. With only 99 made of the Volante version, it is one of the rarest Aston Martins ever built. It’s exclusivity and astonishing beauty suggest it will be a modern-day classic. The speedster and the shooting break followed shortly after, but the volante remained one of the most desirable of the Zagato-bodied Astons.

The breathtaking design of the Vanquish Volante Zagato is a result of the expert coach builders at Zagato. The re-sculpted body utilizes larger panels to create a more sumptuous shape, uninterrupted by split lines and panel gaps but punctuated by taut and dynamic form lines. The spoked lights that surround the spoiler are the centrepiece of one of the most arresting rear shapes ever formed. Underneath the sporty scoops of the bonnet, the superb 6L V12 propels the car to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds, an easy feat for it’s 580 horses. The orotund and sonorous engine note amplified by the more open exhaust is befitting of a cabriolet, best enjoyed reverberating off of tunnel walls or canyon cliffs, the stiffer suspension allowing the driver to feel every curve in the road. Inside in the impressive swan doors, the interior is adorned with “z” trimmed leather, reminding anyone who momentarily forgot of the car’s special pedigree. In fact, delicate differentiating details on every corner of the car remind the viewer of rarity and charisma built into every inch.

Number 4 of 99 is finished in a sporty Hyper Red, over winter wheat. Delivered new to the seller, it was carefully looked after and only has 1250 miles on the odometer. Fully customizable to their purchasers, no two are identical. Four features full length herringbone facia trim, electric seats, B&O surround sound, cruise control, adaptive damping, warm charcoal seatbelts, programmable garage door opener, black side window finisher, shadow bronze jewellery pack, bright side strakes, black textured tailpipe finisher, front and rear parking sensors, reverse camera, dark anodised brake callipers, and 15-spoke Zagato satin black alloy wheels.

If you missed the opportunity to buy one first time around, you’re in luck, as this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a coach built, highly exclusive Aston Martin. It’s so well-equipped you would have been hard-pressed to spec it better yourself.

Trim: Winter Wheat




Hyper Red








6L V12