Ferrari – 275 GTB/4 LHD


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Our Ferrari 275 GTB/4, is a stunningly original vehicle presented in its unchanged colour combination. Lovingly campaigned in rallies and tours by passionate caretakers, it would be the jewel in the crown of any collection.

This 275 is a well known car that has trialled in a number of historic tours. It has competed prolifically in the regulatory section of the Tour Auto and in the Modena Cento Ore. This 275 has been kept in perfect condition and is a testament to the benefit of continual maintenance which earned it the Bonhams Concours Best in Class award at the St. Mawes Classic. This vehicle also took part in The Salon Prive at Blenheim Palace and the Louis Vuitton Serenissima Rally, and won numerous concours events in South Africa because of its excellent order and condition.

If these accolades don’t give enough of an indication of the quality of the car, its impeccable condition does. We have a comprehensive maintenance history with invoices and photos detailing the engine rebuild in Johannesburg 26,000 kms ago by Ferrari South Africa and thanks to regular servicing whilst in our care, it runs as new. The bodywork is all original, but had a respray from Ferrari SA whilst the interior remains entirely untouched. The car benefits from matching engine and chassis numbers and the front and rear bumpers also have original matching numbers indicating that it hasn’t been in any major accidents. The interior is all original but it was repainted by Ferrari SA. With 49,000 miles on the clock, its original and complete tool kit in a leather wallet, and its original build sheets and sales invoices, we don’t believe there’s a better 275 around.

This particular vehicle was delivered new to Mr. Bucher of Bellagio, Italy in October of 1967 by Gastone Crepaldi of Milan. In 1971, at 35,056 km, the vehicle returned to the Ferrari factory for a complete mechanical and electrical check over and respray. Since this point, it has been consciously kept out of the wet, in fact Mr. Bucher kept it in a heated store as a collector’s vehicle. In 1973, at 37,490km, the car was purchased by Mr. A Negra, a well known Ferrari enthusiast and then shipped to South Africa where in 1975, it was purchased by Mr. N Dodo at 43,194 km. Under his ownership and after R15000 worth of care, the car won its first SEFAC (Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobile Club) Concours D’Elegance in 1977 and then proceeded to win in 1978 and 1979 before being bought by a Mr. Charles Schlamm at 54,894 km and winning 1980-1982. In 1982, it won a further 3 trophies: Floating Trophy for “Best V12 Ferrari,” Floating Trophy for “Car of the Day,” and Floating Trophy for “Best 275 GTB on Show.” In 1989, the car underwent a complete engine overhaul and in 2003 it received a further “sympatico” refurbishment, whereby all the original leather, trim and beadings were maintained. Mr. Charles Schlamm stored and maintained it privately as a concours vehicle until it was purchased by Mr. Anthony Pozner in 2005, who owns the car to this day.

The 275 features some of the most alluring curves ever designed and the originality of the body work means these curves are still very much intact. In fact, the original lines are still visible from the wooden bucks it was formed on. This particular 275 is so distinguished that it was invited by Ferrari in 2004 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the start of production. It was among 50 owners and cars that were asked to participate and were invited on a factory tour and accompanying event. The car then featured in several magazines after the event carrying the number 47.
The remarkable originality, provenance, superb drivability, crowd-pleasing curves, extensive history, rallying track record, and alluring combination of Argento Silver and Black make this matching numbers Ferrari 275 an unrivalled contribution to any collection and an unparalleled concours contender.




Argento Silver