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The 365 GTB/4 was introduced as a replacement for the phenomenally successful 275 GTB/4 at the Paris Auto Salon in 1968. Although never internally referred to as the “Daytona,” the media coined the term to commemorate Ferrari’s famous 1-2-3 finish at the 24 hours of Daytona in 1967. Penned by the infamous Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, the design was a departure from the sumptuous rounded features of its predecessors. The new, more wedge-shaped, sharp-edged styling and covered headlights were a resounding success, but a U.S. safety regulation forced a facelift midway through the production run. The new pop up twin headlights (and a prominent role in Miami Vice) made the car a true icon. Ferrari chose to stick with the front-engined, rear-drive layout for the 365 GTB/4 despite Lamborghini’s switch to mid-engine, instead trialling the mid-engined layout in the more affordable Dino. The engine carried on the success of the 275’s Colombo V12 and produced 347 hp, a top speed of 174mph and a 0-60 time of just 5.4 seconds. Weight distribution was optimised by placing the five-speed manual transmission in the rear, and four-wheel independent suspension.

The Daytona was Ferrari’s race meets road darling of the lineup and this is a once in a lifetime example. 1 of just 158 RHD cars, this unique Daytona is one of the best unrestored examples out there. It’s in impeccable, truly concourse-worthy condition. This Daytona has benefited from proper care and maintenance throughout its life and should not be compared to restored cars which don’t have the same sense of character and originality. With only 39,000 miles on the odometer, it is one of the lowest mile, best condition cars on the market. The desirable black over red leather interior is a head turner and is in excellent knick. It also benefits from stainless steel exhaust, a Ferrari “Classiche” Certification, full continuous history, all the handbooks and leather wallet, leather tool roll, and superb provenance.

Classic Car magazine once visited Hendon Way Motors to do a road-test article on our GT3 RS 4.0L and upon arrival one of the reviewers was stunned to find his father’s old Daytona in our showroom. He was so pleased to be reunited with his childhood love that he returned to write an 8 page spread on the car that featured in the March 2013 issue of Classic Car, the highlights of which included this glowing review: “This Daytona achieves the most impossible feat of looking like a year-old car held in suspended animation.” We have the full article available and stored in the history file for the car, something that adds to its already meticulous provenance.
Another provenance booster was its recent Concours win. This unrestored, three owner 365 runs exceptionally well and duly won the “Cars In Their Original State (Post-War)” at the 2019 Chantilly Arts and Elegance. Judges were particularly impressed by the working electronics, the beautifully worn but unblemished interior, its overall sense of historic character and how well the car performed.

1 of 158 RHD

38,000 Miles

Rare Black & Red Leather Interior

Red Carpets

New Stainless Steel Exhaust

“Ferrari Classiche” Certification

Full Continuous History

All Hand Books and Original Leather Wallet

Leather Tool Roll

Trim: Black and Red Leather

Superb Provenance

Only 3 Owners from New- last owner since 1985




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