Ferrari – F355 Spider


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Price £75,000

1996 Ferrari F355 Spider Manual Giallo Fly

1 of 454 RHD Spiders made between 1994 and 1999

34,000 miles
6 speed manual
Giallo Fly (Yellow)
full Nero Black interior
optional sports mode
electric seats
electric hood
tonnau cover
climate control (AC)
electric windows & mirrors
18′ Ferrari 355 alloys
original toolkit & handbooks
documented Ferrari invoices & MOT’s
recently serviced
Belts service has just been carried out

The F355 was a performance driven design that marked a shift in focus to drivability in both in road and track situations. Penned in the Pininfarina studios and developed by over 1800 hours in a wind tunnel, the F355 encapsulates an athleticism that blends elegant style and aerodynamic performance. The F355’s engine featured considerable upgrades from the 348’s V8. The introduction of a 5-cylinder head made it considerably more powerful and resulted in an increased power output of 375 hp. The Spider retains many of the alluring lines of the coupe with the addition of a semi-automatic soft-top offered for the first time on a Ferrari. This F355 is offered in the classic yellow over black combination and features the 6-speed manual transmission of the early models. The F355s wedge shape and sleek body are sure to make it a classic in the coming years and this is an excellent example with low miles and a host of extras.

Designed by renowned coachbuilder, Pininfarina, and built by Ferrari, the F355 Type F129 (1994-1999) is closely associated with some of the marque’s most classic and beloved designs. Despite utilising the same architecture and proportions as its predecessor, the 348, it was also dramatically different. Its elegant aerodynamic design placed an emphasis on beauty, enhanced performance, and driveability across a range of speeds and environments. It incorporated new side vents, exhaust layout and power assisted steering, engine advancements, and ventilated disc brakes. Variable suspension control added comfort when cruising, stiffening at speed. Larger tires provided advanced grip, making it more accommodating at high speeds than the 348.

The F355 debuted with some of the most modern technology of any roadgoing Ferrari, alluded to in the second 5 of the car’s name, which implied the newly designed cylinder heads, and valve count increase from 4 per cylinder to 5. Designed by Paulo Martinelli, the F129 B/C V8 was a feat of engineering; it showcased Ferrari’s racing technology vision, featuring the same rear mid-engined, F1-derived innovations, and Bosch Motronic M2.7 fuel injection. Not only was displacement augmented from 3.4L in the 348 to 3.5L, but it generated 380 horsepower and 109hp per litre, producing the best power output of any non-turbocharged engine in the world, and the most power per litre aside from the F50 V12. Its maximum speed was 183mph, with a 4.7 second acceleration rate.

The six-speed manual F355 Berlinetta was the first model to launch, followed by the GTS Targa top and convertible in 1995. Unveiled in Monaco, the Ferrari F355 Spider was breathtaking, its lines honed by 1800 hours in a wind tunnel. It hosted a rigid steel monocoque chassis with tubular rear sub-frame, and a new, power operated soft-top. Effortlessly combining aerodynamics with open air driving, the cabriolet matched the level of performance as its hard topped counterparts. In 1997, the Berlinetta became the first road car to include the state-of-the-art F1-inspired gearbox management system. The electro-hydraulic paddle shift transmission made its debut in 1989, where it was used to win the Brazillian Grand Prix. The F355 could be ordered with ‘formula one’ style clutchless sequential gearshift; although still a six-speed manual, it was operated with paddles on the steering wheel. The F355 was succeeded by the 360 in 1999.

Our rare 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider Manual Giallo Fly is one of just 454 RHD Spiders produced between 1994 and 1999, making it highly covetable. This immaculate supercar boasts a dramatic colour combination of Nero Black interior and a bold Giallo Fly or Fly Yellow body colour. Also known as Giallo Modena, the colour is a classic alternative to the signature Rosso Corsa usually associated with the Italian brand and is inherent within Ferrari’s identity; symbolizing the colour of Enzo’s hometown Modena, he specifically chose it as the background to the logo’s prancing stallion. The F355 Spider has a luxury grand tourer character, featuring climate control, ABS, power steering, airbags, optional sports mode, electric mirrors, and windows. With performance alluded to in its name, form and function, art, and science, are irrevocably and beautifully intertwined.




Giallo Fly