Porsche – 911 T Coupe LHD


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1969 PORSCHE 911 T Coupe – LHD


Grand Prix White Exterior

Black Leather Interior

When you hear Porsche, the first thing that should pop into your head would be the iconic Porsche 911. From the two circular headlights to the sloped rear, these key features would make anyone know that it is a 911. It might not be fast in a straight line but nothing will give the same amount of satisfaction that a Porsche 912 will. First conceived in 1965, the 912 was meant to act as the successor to the Porsche 356. The 912 borrowed the economical engine of the 356 and with better performance, practicality, and handling than the 356, the 912 was a no-brainer. With special one-off colours for customers to choose from, owners could truly personalize their 912 to their heart’s content.

This 912 T truly is one of a kind piece of art. From its pristine Grand Prix White exterior to an immaculate fully restored interior, you really cannot go wrong with this 912. This has to be one of the most attentive and exquisite restorations currently on the market with a full bolt and nut restoration covering the engine, exterior, and interior bringing it as close or even better as to what it was when it rolled off the production line in 1969. Shifting it through the gears one by one or parading it around a classic car event will surely turn many heads wherever you go as we have a fully documented record of the restoration, with all the invoices, exciting stories, and photographs included.

For 1969, Porsche updated the 912 featuring changes to improve the handling without affecting the ride thus pushing the rear wheels back by 2.5 inches. This means that this is a highly desirable 912 LWB (long wheelbase) giving you sheer driving pleasure wherever you are. With this being a LWB version, meant that it had wider wheel arches giving Porsche to offer the now highly desirable optional 6” Fuch rims which really gives the true feel of a classic Porsche 911.

This may be one of the finest restorations we’ve seen over the years, as no expense has been spared in making sure this vehicle is in truly new/original condition, as though it’s just left the factory. Every aspect of the vehicle has been restored, including the engine, all the bodywork, and the consumables to produce what is in fact a new car, today ready for many thousands of miles of use. It is very unusual for the previous owner to invested so much time and money, to produce a car and puts so much money into a restoration of this calibre.

We have a fully documented record of the restoration, with all the invoices and photographs, by the best people in the UK associated in producing a result like this.












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