Porsche – 993 C4 Coupe


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Price £59,500

1995 Porsche 993 C4 Coupe – Arena Red

6 Speed Manual

81,000 Miles

Grey Leather Interior

Kenwood Media Player


Part Electric Seats

Electric Mirrors

Electric Windows

Rear Wiper

17” Alloy Wheels

5 Former Keepers Only

Complete Porsche Service History.

The fourth generation 993 is largely defined as the last air-cooled, flat-six 911 incarnation, before it was superceded by the new water-cooled 996 in 1998. Due to its significant improvements in driving performance coupled with an exciting exterior design, the 993 was the culmination of air-cooled 911s and one of the best road cars that Porsche has ever made.

Introduced in 1993 for the 1994 model year, the Porsche 993 was preceded by the largely reengineered 964, which had introduced one of the best chassis for an air-cooled 911. The 993 shared just 20% of its parts with its predecessor, with a rear suspension design derived from the 4-door 989 sedan that never reached production. The multi-link coil and wishbone construction corrected oversteer, greatly improving driving experience, comfort, and handling, and is arguably the ultimate evolution of Porsche’s rear axle. Between 1994 and 1995, the rear-engine was a naturally aspirated flat six with 272 horsepower and 243lb-ft torque.

The 993 design was an immediately popular reinterpretation of the classic 911 aesthetic. Imagined by British automotive designer, Tony Hatter, the organic forms of the 993 naturally accentuated the basic 964 architecture as well as that of earlier 911s, with integrated bumpers, flatter front wings, teardrop mirrors, and enlarged rear end with retractable wing.

Similar to its predecessors, the 993 was available in a variety of bodystyles and drivetrains and was the first generation of the 911 series to receive the six-speed manual transmission as standard. The car debuted as a fastback coupe, convertible, targa or speedster. The base model was the Carrera, with over 31,000 produced. The Carrera is known as the stiffest and lightest of the 993 models and was also offered as an all-wheel drive C4.

Our 1995 Porsche 993 C4 Coupe is visually identified as a Carrera 4 by its clear front and side turn indicators and red rear indicators. The brake calipers and C4 engine cover badge are painted silver. The center wheel caps house the C4 logo rather than the Porsche crest. The options list included up to five different wheel styles, a variety of suspension set ups and different seat styles, either comfort, sport, or racing. Weighing 1420kg, it matches the Carrera cabriolet and weighs more than the base Carrera coupe. The all-wheel drive system saves weight compared to the 964 and is well suited for all weather conditions. Painted in Arena Red, the 993 is visually striking, especially when paired with a tasteful grey leather interior. Factory options include electric mirrors and windows, sunroof, and Kenwood media player. With complete Porsche service history, our example is one of the most desired editions in the marque.




Arena Red