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Porsche was a formidable competitor in sports car racing in the 1960s, often entering half a dozen cars which
were then sold to customers. Before the 911 went into production in 1963, the company had achieved
considerable commercial success in the 1950s with the lightweight, quick-handling 356. Zuffenhausen engineers
had established a reputation for building quality, high performance vehicles that could steer and handle well, on
and off the racetrack.

The four-cylinder, rear-engine Porsche 912 was originally conceived in 1965 as both a replacement for the 356
and a more affordable version of the 911. Available in both coupe and targa body styles, its aesthetic was
identical to the neunelfer, sharing its aluminium body, chassis, independent suspension layout and gearbox. The
912 initially had 4 gears, but 5 gears were soon integrated. The car was so connected to the Porsche 911 that
when the latter’s wheelbase grew by 57mm in 1969, so did the 912’s.

The Porsche 912’s brakes and new four-cylinder air-cooled engine were inherited from the 356, alongside the
wing mirrors, headlamp surrounds, and air vents. Its interior utilised multiple 356 components, including interior
seats, heating, ventilation system, 4.5 x 1.5inch steel wheels, and disc brakes.The 356’s engine was economical and lighter than the new 911 flat six, reducing the 912’s weight by 130kg to 935kg. When combined with the lengthened chassis, the Porsche 911’s oversteer was overcome, providing a better handling balance and a smoother ride.Despite being detuned to 90 bhp at 5800rpm and 86 lb/ft torque, the 912 could attain 0-60mph in 11.6 seconds, with a top speed of 115mph.

By combining Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche’s iconic 911 design with a cheaper price, lower running costs, and better
handling characteristics, over 30,000 Porsche 912 models were sold in its first four years of production.
However, the Porsche 911 was quickly becoming recognized as a pure driver’s car that could wield a tantalising
wild power for its owner, and its sales overtook the 912’s. The latter’s production ceased in 1969, but not before a
912 won the 1967 European Rally Championships and a 912 Targa became the 100,000 th Porsche to be

The Porsche 912 reappeared in 1975 as the 912E, sporting the same classic 911 body, a longer wheelbase,
identical front and rear suspension, and a larger, more powerful 2-litre Volkswagen engine, previously on the 914.
Our 1966 Porsche 912 coupe is a beautiful example of the classic Butzi design aesthetic, with fluid lines, and a
timeless Metallic Black exterior matching its original black interior. The air-cooled coupe sports a 5-speed manual
drivetrain and retains the characteristics expected of a classic Porsche. The car has received a restoration in the
past, now showing minor signs of use. After receiving a recent service and new tyres, our vintage Porsche 912 is
in all-round excellent condition and would make a worthy addition to a classic car collection.

5 Speed Manual

84,000 Miles

Metallic Black

Original Interior

Sharp Media Player

15”Alloy Wheels

This lovely black-on-black 912 has undergone a restoration in the past, now showing very minor signs of use, however all-round brilliant condition. Recent service, New tyres, Fully documented history with invoices and restoration costs.




Metallic Black








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