Porsche – 993 C2S Coupe


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1996 Porsche 993 C2S Coupe

66,000 Miles

Ocean Blue Exterior
Classic Grey leather interior
Backer Media Player

Paddle Shift
Climate control
Part Electric seats
Electric mirrors
Electric windows
Rear wiper
18″ Alloy wheels
Full-service history

The Porsche 993 (1994-1998) is largely known as the final generation of the classic, air-cooled Porsche 911s,
before the water-cooled 996 was introduced. The 993 initially launched as a base Carrera; throughout its
production it was available in fastback coupe, Targa, convertible, and speedster body styles. Designed by Harm
Lagaay and Tony Hatter, the fourth generation 911 featured significant improvements. As opposed to receiving a
mere facelift like some of its predecessors, the new 911 shared just 20% of its parts with the 964, whilst
maintaining its classic profile. According to Hatter, “The Porsche board always had very firm ideas about its
shape. It was claimed the 964 was 80 per cent new, but visually it looked barely 20 per cent new. We needed to
do something less conservative, but without being too radical.” Its smoothed front was influenced by the 959,
plans for the 989 four-door sedan that never reached production, and 928. The wheel arches were accentuated
to become more muscular, its retractable rear wing was enlarged, and its teardrop mirrors revised. The 993 was
referred to by Porsche as “a significant advance, not just from a technical, but also a visual perspective.” The
993 is another example of Porsche’s ethos, pairing tradition with innovation.

A new multi-link rear suspension was derived from the 989. The light-alloy subframe with coil and wishbone
suspension corrected oversteer, and when combined with engine enhancements, vastly improved handling and
driving experience. The system was also used in the 993’s successor, where it provided the 996 with greater
stability. It was the first 911 to receive a six-speed manual transmission as standard and the new automatic
Tiptronic S.

Our immaculate 1996 Porsche 993 C2S Coupe debuted in the same year as the Carrera 4 S and Targa versions
of the 993. Produced between 1996 and 1998, the Carrera S is one of the most valuable 993 variants. Our C2S
perfectly showcases a stylish Ocean Blue body colour, complemented by a tasteful, classic grey leather interior.
It features the coveted Tiptronic transmission system with paddle shift and an electric rear spoiler first introduced
in Benjamin Dimson’s 964. To aid aerodynamics and maintain the classic 911 silhouette, the spoiler raises when
travelling at over 50 mph (80 km/h), lowering at reduced speeds to integrate within the bodywork. With excellent
handling and modern conveniences such as part-electric seats, electric mirrors, and windows, alongside climate
control and Becker media player, the 993 coupe transcends mere efficiency to provide its owner with a thrilling
ride. Full-service history.




Ocean Blue